Beneath A Hot Tequila Sun

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Sculptor, Kayla Macpherson travels to Mexico to study the art in a remote pyramid on an island in a river in the middle of a steamy jungle. She isn’t looking for sex or adventure but finds both when she is trapped on the island overnight with American archaeologist Jake Forrester and his soldier friend, Seth.

Jake and Seth fancy Kayla like mad. And they don’t mind sharing.

The problem is, Kayla doesn’t seem the type of girl who is up for a threesome. So the men are very much surprised to hear this isn’t her first.

What Kayla doesn’t tell them is that her previous ménage didn’t live up to expectations – especially as her male partners ignored her and started getting it on with each other. And she definitely doesn’t tell them how much it turned her on to watch.

Which is okay because Jake and Seth have their own secrets. Like, sometimes when the mood takes them, they are a lot more than friends.

It looks as if the three could be perfect for each other. If only they didn’t keep secrets…