Highland Trinity

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Arriving in Edinburgh from her home on a remote Scottish island, Mhairi McLeod is looking for a job rather than adventure. She finds both with bisexual American businessmen Cameron Lindsay and Roberto Alossi. Although lovers for a while now, Cam and Rob have felt there was something missing in their lives. Mhairi’s sweet smile and luscious curves, instantly light a fire in both men.  Rob is keen to persuade her into their bed straight away but Cam is more cautious. After all, Mhairi’s conventional upbringing in a close knit community is unlikely to have prepared her for the kind of relationship they have in mind.

Although the hot Americans are up front about their relationship, Mhairi isn’t one hundred percent sure what ‘bi,’ actually means. She begins to obsess about what the two men do in bed and when she gets the chance to secretly watch them make love, she cannot resist. It is unbelievably hot and once they eventually coax her into their bed, the sex is spectacular.

When they tell her how they feel about her she is faced with a dilemma. A husband and family have always been her dream but can she cope with her dream in duplicate? And will she ever be able to introduce her grooms to her community or will marriage to the men she loves, leave her ostracized?


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